Certificate 3 Guarantee


The Certificate 3 Guarantee is a new program which provides subsidies to assist Queenslanders obtain their first post-school qualification at a Certificate III level. Blueprint Inc is offering the TLI32416 Certificate III in Logistics and TL21616 Certificate II in Warehousing under this program. 

To be eligible for the Certificate 3 Guarantee a student must:

  • Not hold or be already undertaking a Certificate III or high level qualification (Certificate III qualifications completed at school are not counted)
  • Be 15 years of age or older
  • Have finished secondary school or left school
  • Be a Queensland Resident (an Australian Citizen or permanent resident living in Queensland, or a New Zealand Citizen permanently residing in Queensland).

You may be working fulltime, part time, casually or currently not working. Delivery options include:

Option 1: Combination of online and face to face at our Underwood Training Centre. This Centre operates as a fully equiped warehouse training environment, including a real just-in-time safety clothing warehouse. Students will have the opportunity to access warehousing equipment, a working inventory program and mobile scanners. 

Option 2: Combination of online and workplace visits (local location). This option allows opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills within their own work environment. 

Courses commence every month. A student contribution fee of $50 (approx $4.00 per unit of competency) for non concession and $20 (approx $1.60 per unit of competency) for concession applicants applies. 

For more information on the Training offered by Blueprint please contact us on 3299 3312 for more information on eligibility or to discuss our course calendar. Please note on completion of their training all students must complete a Student Survey. 

Course Brochure for TLI32416 Certificate III in Logistics

Course Brochure for TL21616 Certificate II in Warehousing